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Service and Warranty

Congratulations on purchasing an Eldan home!

As a member of the Homebuilders & Remodelers Association of Central New York, Eldan Homes provides a limited warranty on your home. Please refer to the Standards of Performance Booklet that was provided to you at the time you signed your contract.

In order to efficiently address any of your warranty concerns, it is our policy to have you submit all warranty claims in writing. For your convenience, we have provided a form below for an easy application process.

We do insist that every warranty claim includes specific reference, i.e. the article and page number, to the section of the Standards of Performance Booklet that allows for coverage of the claim. This step is necessary to ensure that you only submit valid warranty concerns to our Service and Warranty department. If forms are not completed properly, they will not be viewed as a valid claim and they will be returned to you.

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If you prefer not to submit your claim in electronic form, please send us a copy of the Notice of Warranty Claim via mail or fax. The form can be found on page 99 of your Standards of Performance Booklet (Revised 2009), or you can download it HERE.

All valid claims that are submitted will be processed in a timely manner. Thank you for your cooperation.